Spring Canyon Adventure 2007 – Day 6

Synopsis: Rest day. 2 miles. Saturday, March 17.

Given our effort yesterday, today would be a rest day, and as such, the first order of business was a large, leisurely breakfast.


Charles prepares massive quantities of hash browns.

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After breakfast, we put together our stuff and headed upcanyon for a short (very short) morning hike.


Ice! in a shady bend just up the canyon.

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Middle S— Canyon. Note the small arch at left-center.

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We headed into a side canyon entering from the south about a half-mile upcanyon from camp. After several hundred yards of winding through trees, brush, and boulders, we climbed a talus pile for a view.


Looking up towards the rim.

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Andy and Charles hanging out.

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Andy hanging out.

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We returned to camp and spent most of the rest of the day reading (The Big U by Neal Stephenson, which is worth reading but pretty rotten), napping, and generally being lazy.

When camp went into shadow, we started puttering around a little more.


Andy and me gathering tumbleweeds.

Photo by Charles Yeamans.
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I decided to climb the slope above camp, to see if I could reach a bush way up on a ledge. I probably could have, but it was a little squirrely, so I didn’t go all the way.


Andy picking his nose in camp.

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Me picking my nose way up on the mountainside.

My goal bush was on the white ledge in the large crack. I made it as far as the two bushes a little lower down.

Photo by Charles Yeamans.
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We demonstrated for Andy one of our favorite pastimes in the canyon country.


Charles lighting the tumbleweeds on fire.

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Andy being calm.

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Andy getting excited.

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After supper, I again tried to torch a tamarisk, this time a really big one across the stream from camp.


Attempting to torch a tamarisk.

Note: tamarisk is a nasty invasive weed. Destroying them makes the environment healthier.

Photo by Charles Yeamans.
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This one burned for some time, but it didn’t look like it took much damage either.

Photo by Charles Yeamans.
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We hung out around the campfire for a while and then went to bed.

Please continue reading on Day 7.

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