[Sunset on Range Line Lake.]

Sioux-Hustler Trail 2007

with the lovely Erin Tatge
and Mike & Wendy Mulville

by Reid and Erin

In July 2007, Erin and I returned to the Sioux-Hustler Trail in the Boundary Waters, accompanied this time by Mike and Wendy Mulville.

(Our previous trip report is online as well.)

This trip report was written and organized by Erin Tatge and Reid Priedhorsky, and this trip report is copyright 2007 by them. Images are copyright 2007 by their respective owners. All rights are reserved.

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This trip report contains 55 photos and about 3,500 words.

  • Day 1. Trailhead to Devil's Cascade. 7 miles. Saturday, July 21. Start here.
  • Day 2. Devil's Cascade to Range Line Lake. 8 miles. Sunday, July 22.
  • Day 3. Range Line Lake to Agawato Lake. 7 miles. Monday, July 23.
  • Day 4. Agawato Lake to trailhead. 10 miles. Tuesday, July 24.
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