The Gulch 2010 – Day 0

Synopsis: Gather in Salt Lake City and cast of characters. September 9, 2010.

Who’s Who?

  • Reid Priedhorsky – fearless leader (me); Boston.
  • Erin Tatge – my lovely wife; Boston.
  • Sara Tatge McCarty – Erin’s sister; Crawfordsville, Indiana.
  • Kurt Luther – Reid’s friend from grad school; Atlanta.
  • Kelly Caine – Kurt’s friend from grad school; Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Pete Wiringa – Reid and Russ’ friend from college; Minneapolis.
  • Russ Grandgeorge – Reid and Pete’s friend from college; Portland, Oregon.
  • Ben Miller – Reid’s friend from grad school; Minneapolis. His name means “one who mills”.

This trip had a peculiarity: Erin, Pete, Russ, Ben, and I would stay out for the full eight days, while Sara, Kurt, and Kelly would hike out on Day 5 to meet certain “real world” obligations.

The first order of business was to get everyone from where they were to fabulous Salt Lake City, Utah.

Erin and I had flown in the night before (it’s hard to get a flight from Boston to points west and arrive before mid-afternoon) and picked up our rental minivan. The morning was spent picking folks up from the airport, having breakfast, shopping, and generally having a good time. Kurt rented a second vehicle, completing our fleet.

Pete adds: I’ve never been near mountains, that I can remember, so even just driving from the airport to the hotel was a wonderful view for me.

After lunch at a rather odd suburban food court near our hotel, we set out for shopping, and then it was time for packing and repacking. It turned out that Kurt would need a different sleeping bag, so he, Kelly and I went on an expedition to REI. Fortunately, this was successful and fairly quick.


Kurt testing out his new sleeping bag.

Photo by Kelly Caine.
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We then re-grouped for a pre-trip celebration dinner.


Erin and I enjoying the Red Iguana. The empty martini glass near me contained a rather nice bright purple jasmine margarita which I nearly spilled quite spectacularly over the entire table.

Photo by Kelly Caine.
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After that, it was early to bed so we could wake early and get on the road.

Please continue reading on Day 1.

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