Charles at the saddle leading to Piano Alley

Phantom Canyon 2008

by Reid Priedhorsky and Erin Tatge

These pages describe a backpacking trip led by Reid to the Phantom Canyon area of Grand Canyon National Park. Six of us traveled for 8 days in the backcountry, covering 47 difficult miles.

This trip report was written and organized by Reid Priedhorsky and Erin Tatge and is copyright 2008 by them. Images are copyright 2008 by their respective owners. All rights are reserved.

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This trip report contains 172 photos and about 9,000 words.

  • Introduction. Travel to the Grand Canyon and cast of characters. Start here!
  • Day 1. Backpack from Bright Angel Trailhead to Indian Gardens (5.0 miles). March 7, 2008.
  • Day 2. Dayhike to Horn Creek for water sample (5.9 miles); backpack to Bright Angel Campground (5.4 miles). March 8.
  • Day 3. Backpack from BA Campground via Utah Flats to Overhang Camp in Phantom Canyon (4.6 miles). March 9.
  • Day 4. Short dayhike to Phantom Creek falls (1.9 miles); relax by the falls. March 10.
  • Day 5. Explore upper Phantom Canyon (6.8 miles). March 11.
  • Day 6. Explore Haunted Canyon (6.2 miles). March 12.
  • Day 7. Return to Bright Angel Campground (4.4 miles). March 13.
  • Day 8. Return to rim via South Kaibab Trail (7.1 miles). March 14.
  • Notes on menu and other things.
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