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Here are some photos of myself and other people. Click on thumbnails for a bigger image. Note: All images are copyrighted by Reid Priedhorsky or their respective owners. All rights reserved. (Among other things, this means: please do not copy the images, use them as elements of your web pages, or redistribute them in any way without my permission. If you want to use an image, please email me and ask -- I am likely to say yes.)


My friend John Garbe. (Photo by Erin Tatge.)

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Aren't I adorable?

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My ticket from seeing U2 in Minneapolis 1997. Fabulous show...

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There is a crack in the rock near Los Alamos called The Crevice. It's very small and some people (like me on a good day) can squeeze throught it...

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Me and my cousin Katie in Virgin Spring Canyon, Utah. That thing sticking out of my head is a stick in the background. (p.s. this photo makes me look like an ape, I'm not really that hairy.)

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My friend Charles Yeamans in Cortez, NM. This road really existed until a couple of years ago; it had a variety of terminal cities over the years, with the maximum run being from Monticello, Utah to Gallup, New Mexico. In 2003, the last sections of Route 666 were changed to Route 491. There are two reasons given for the change: excessive sign theft, and pressure from the religious right.

Charles says: " didn't give yourself credit for dodging 40mph traffic to take the picture from the middle of a busy street. That seems to me to be the most impressive thing about it."

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Me at the rim of Gravel Canyon, Utah.

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Spring Break 1999; me in Nates Canyon, Utah. (This is a really neat picture. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice.)

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Myself, Josh Taggart, and James Pyburn (L-R) camping in Guaje Canyon north of Los Alamos. (summer 1999)

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This was taken on a Macalester Outing Club trip that I co-led over Fall Break 1999. It's myself and Brian helping to carry one of us out of the woods after she stabbed herself in the thigh while cutting a bagel. Near Cascade River State Park, Minnesota.

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