Reid's Artwork

This is some artwork of mine. Click on thumbnails for a bigger image.

Note: All images are copyrighted by Reid Priedhorsky. All rights reserved. (Among other things, this means: please do not copy the images, use them as elements of your web pages, or redistribute them in any way without my permission. If you want to use an image, please email me and ask -- I am likely to say yes.)


This was my final project for my drawing class. (Permanent marker on paper, each panel 24 by 30 inches. May 1999.)

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The 2000 Macalester Women's Ultimate Frisbee frisbee. There are two other color schemes but I like this one the best. (Fall 1999.)

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Something I did in my spare time. This photo is terrible. (Acrylic and microprocessor on particle board, 17 by 12 inches. January 2000.)

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Composition in Red, Orange, Purple. This was exhibited in the Macalester student art show in April 2000. (Acrylic on canvas, 16 1/2 by 22 inches. December 1999.)

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I don't believe this ever had a title. It was also in the Macalester student art show in 2000. (Acrylic on masonite, 48 by 32 inches. November 1999.)

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If this had a title I don't remember it. The hole is on purpose. The clock isn't part of the artwork (but it is genuine 60's kitsch). Unfortunately this photo doesn't really capture the subtle colors. It was in the 2001 student show. (Acrylic on sheet steel, 36 by 24 inches. Fall 2000.)

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Also untitled. Exhibited in 2001 student show. (Acrylic on masonite with ceramic doll's head, 48 by 32 inches. Fall 2000.)

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