Lake Powell Adventure 2006 – Day 6

Synopsis: Morning dayhike, then motor to Camp V at the Waterpocket Fold, then dayhike up the Fold. (Friday, November 24.)

In the morning, we went out for a short explore of the rocks near camp. There was a triple arch, and we wanted to climb up to it.


Map of our Cottonwood Canyon hikes. Today’s was the short, squiggly hike near camp.

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Remains of my multi-megawatt tumbleweed bonfire. The large cleared area (which extends behind the tamarisk to the wash heading towards the camera) was totally choked with tumbleweeds before I cleared them into a pile.

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Leaving the boat. The high point in this photo is what some of us later climbed.

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Multiple arch we were trying to reach.

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We wandered in and out of canyons, but it was soon clear that we couldn’t reach the arch. We headed up a nearby ridge for a view instead.


Our camp, the Kaiparowits Plateau, and Hole-In-The-Rock.

Photo by Erin Tatge.
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Several of us (including Erin and me) stopped partway up because it was too scary, but reportedly the view was very fine.


Karl at the summit.

Photo by Bill Priedhorsky.
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Dad, Karl, and lots of Cottonwood Canyon.

Photo by Kathleen Gruetzmacher.
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Descending back towards camp.

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Our houseboat and the fabulous canyon country beyond.

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I’ll take the high road, you take the low road... Karl and I were so busy watching the others and admiring the view that we missed the way down from this ridge and had to backtrack.

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We piled into the houseboat and headed back north.


First Mate Bill K. at the helm.

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Impending doom.

Photo by Erin Tatge.
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We stopped at the Waterpocket Fold with only a couple of hours of light left, so we quickly packed and headed up.


Camp and the massive Waterpocket Fold beyond. This monocline begins here and snakes more than 100 miles northward.

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Map of dayhiking at the Waterpocket Fold. Today’s hike was the one westward from camp.

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Melissa and my dad ascending from camp.

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Tilted rock layers. Mount Ellsworth is visible in the background.

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Karl silhouetted at a false summit ahead.

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Kathleen on top of the Fold.

Photo by Bill Priedhorsky.
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At the top of the Fold was a wide plain dotted with scraggly bushes. Erin, Petey, and I climbed up a final lobe of rock and found awesome views, the best of the trip in my opinion.


Looking southeastward from our little summit, with The Rincon and Navajo Mountain at center.

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Photo by Erin Tatge.
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Escalante Country.

Photo by Erin Tatge.
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Looking roughly northward, along the line of the Waterpocket Fold.

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Sunset over the Waterpocket Fold.

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